Nov 22

9 Things Builders Do to Reduce Cost 0

Overhead expenses sometimes can get you out of the game during a bidding process. Some of the things that you can do are summarized here and these actions will help you reduce overhead costs and still be profitable. Overhead costs are large portions of the project budget that can make up a huge difference in your proposal […]

Nov 21

Helpful Tips to Avoid Common Construction Delays 0

You can often trace out-of-control construction project costs back to one thing: an inability to finish on time. If you want to stay on budget, you must stay on schedule. But with so many moving parts and inevitable surprises along the way, how is this even possible? There are a few tricks that effective managers […]

Nov 20

7 Construction Estimating Tips That Will Save You Money 0

Is there anything more critical to your business than accurate construction cost estimating? Guess right, and you could make a tidy profit on a project. Guess wrong, and you may lose money by overspending on supplies or contractors. It’s a tough thing to get right. No two construction projects are exactly alike, and there’s no shortage […]

Nov 20

How to Successfully Manage a Property 0

Purchasing a property is only the first step as a property investor. The next step is actually managing the property. There are very specific management requirements you will have as a rental property owner. Here are five tips to make your investment a success. Related: 7 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Money-Making Property. Keep […]

Nov 20

Our new site is now live 0

Welcome to P&C LTD. This is our first post and today we are proud to announce that our new website is now live! P&C LTD had contracted the help of Love the Idea, a Software company based in London, to design and create a solution that could be used by our staff members. The result is […]

Nov 19

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Property Portfolio 0

Building a property portfolio can be daunting – but with the private rented sector growing at record rates, it can be a highly valuable financial decision. Are you looking to start a property portfolio? Making your first investment, and then moving from one property to several, is a big and long-term project. We’ve compiled seven […]

Nov 19

UK Construction Week unveils ambitious plans to showcase industry role models 0

Society is changing quickly, and so is the construction industry. Huge challenges remain around recruitment of new people into the sector, as it competes with other parts of the economy in exactly the same predicament. Related: Building in Future: Women in Construction Industry UK Construction Week UK Construction Week is launching a new initiative for […]

Nov 18

4 Construction Scheduling Techniques 0

How are you keeping your project on schedule? Builders and contractors have many options including some simple construction scheduling techniques that will help represent and create construction schedules techniques. Which one is the best for you? We will explain briefly four alternatives that you can use depending on the project requirements and difficulties. Construction Scheduling Using Bar […]

Nov 18

Robots in UK Construction Industry 0

March in the UK signifies the first day of Spring, meaning better weather on its way, always great news for the outdoor based construction industry. However, with unseasonable snowstorms shutting down most production nationally. I’ve been considering the emerging robotics industry and the ways it could prevent such shut downs, along with the many other […]

Nov 17

Building in Future: Women in Construction Industry 0

Women in construction industry are very much in the minority, but could be a valuable source of much-needed skills. What are the possible reasons why most women are not considering a job in the construction industry? Mark Whitehead attended a round table discussion focusing on the issue and considering some solutions. As discussion began at […]

Nov 17

UK Commercial Property Outstrips Even Most Bullish Expectations 0

Offices in the UK continued to see strong takeup in the second half of 2017, as the commercial property sector smashed expectations. But the performance of retail property was less positive, according to UBS Asset Management’s report, which predicted that the high street will continue to suffer from changes to shopping habits. Overall, the total return from […]

Nov 16

10 Quick Tips About SMSTS 0

SMSTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme and it is a significant certificate for anyone who wants to pursue a career as site supervisor/manager or project manager  in construction. It can also be a great asset for construction clients and company owners. Especially in the United Kingdom, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that acquiring a SMSTS […]

Nov 16

10 Best Construction Simulator Games 0

Have you ever felt the need to explain to others what construction is all about? Or simply to see first-hand how tough working on a construction site actually is? Well, now you can! Construction simulator games can be the perfect way to achieve it. You have the opportunity to experience a construction project from the […]

Nov 15

Powerful Tips for Successful Construction Site Visits 0

Construction projects can be very perplexed as they require perfect coordination and collaboration between numerous people. Accurate resource and material allocation is also a significant aspect of a project’s success. For that reason, frequent and detailed construction site visits can play a fundamental role in the effort to increase team efficiency and productivity and to avoid […]

Nov 14

How to Renovate for Profit 0

How to renovate for profit? Many people are getting rich because of buying properties and renovating for profit. It’s not just about painting walls or replacing windows. It’s about adding value to your property when selling it. Property developer Michael Holmes explains his top tips on how renovate for profit, including what to look for in […]