Oct 21

Welcome to P&C LTD. This is our first post and today we are proud to announce that our new website is now live!

P&C LTD had contracted the help of Love the Idea, a Software company based in London, to design and create a solution that could be used by our staff members. The result is a beautiful system that will help us grow and help our customers.

The process was simple and quick. Our first stage was to book in for a consultation. This takes place online using a web sharing conference tool which allows you to view screens whilst going through some designs. An appointment usually lasts about an hour. Your availability is worked around with appointment slots sent over.

Our software build took approx 2-3 weeks to produce. With regards to budget, we worked backwards within your costs by understanding the different options. We continue to look to grow and will be sharing more of our new features with you along the way.

Many Thanks from our Team!

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